Micro Art Space was founded and directed in Cleveland, Ohio by artist Michelle Murphy. Although no longer a physical space in Cleveland, Micro Art Space remains online as an archive until Murphy completes graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and decides how to use this project/concept to serve an art community online or in her new residence in Chicago.



Micro Art Space offers local artists and art enthusiasts a physical space to meet and learn with 1-day classes, forums, and workshops.

Current workshops include:

(art)READERS – an open and ongoing reading group for contemporary art criticism/theory, *readings provided via email – contact us for more info
CLE CRIT club – advanced level Critique Group for Individual Artists in the area, rotating artist presenters are assigned

ARTISTS AND EDUCATORS IN THE CLEVELAND AREA ~ I am looking to expand the workshops offered at Micro Art Space. 

Micro Art Space will assist in planning your workshop, promote your workshop to our mailing list and social media sites, and provide the guest teacher with 60% of the student enrollment fees.

potential workshop instructors please provide:
your name, contact info, workshop idea, any previous teaching experience, and 1 reference contact
email this info to Michelle at microartspace@gmail(dot com)

IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST/ART ENTHUSIAST looking for a 1-Day workshop, stay tuned for new opportunities to learn new things soon, and join our mailing list by emailing us at microartspace@gmail(dot com)