JUNE 2015 – Artist in Residence

JUNE 2015 – Artist in Residence

Veil of Illusion a solo exhibition by 4-week resident artist Margaret Stamm (Cleveland)

EXHIBITION RECEPTION ~ Friday June 19th 5-9pm  

at Micro Art Space (within 78th Street Studios, Suite #108) 1300 West 78th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44102

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“Veil of Illusion” by Margaret Stamm

My work is an exploration to find truth. A journey that traverses between the Avant-garde to realms of mental pathologies and discredited mumbo-jumbo. It is the bourgeoisie and the bougie, the accessible and the inaccessible, the micro and the macro.

A veil is used to protect and separate us from that which is sacred. In Vedantic philosophy this notion is referred to as Maya, the veil of illusion. The Veil of Illusion, much like our perceived reality, distorts our knowledge of the true nature of the world, while swaddling us with culturally created notions of sanity, happiness and love. Sacred Knowledge is the understanding of the true nature of the world; The body of our planet, her dark continents and the chaos of the unknown. Beyond the body of the Mother Goddess is the Ultimate Truth. The Supreme Being, which is unknowable and known to all. The awe inspiring source of life, both Goddess and God, all that ever was, all that is, and all that forever shall be.

I offer my work as tools for meditation and healing. The veil offers us glimpses of truth, if we meditate long enough on one point the truth may be revealed. Through the fabric and folds of time I propose that every one of us may come in to contact with that supreme being within us which does not see the veil, to finally pull away the curtain of life and enter the stage of the unknown. If we meditate long enough on one point the truth may be revealed.

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