APRIL 2015 – Artist in Residence

APRIL 2015 – Artist in Residence

Panel Lecture at the Sculpture Center Euclid Ave. Gallery –  Thursday April 16th 6:45-8pm
Exhibition Reception at Micro Art Space (within 78th St. Studios Cleveland, Ohio) – Friday April 17th 5pm-9pm

Last fall Jimmy Riordan was informed that he had a huge tumor growing in his abdomen. The growths initial description was limited to a single measurement. Its longest dimension. 20.5cm. Made up of experiments in a variety of mediums, 20.5cm explores the body, trauma and mortality the use of metaphor and the imagining of the internal as landscape.

Jimmy Riordan is an Alaskan artist and educator. Technically trained in book-arts his practice extends beyond the bounds of any specific medium. Riordan’s projects have involved earth building, comics, letterpress and translation. All united by his interest in autodidactics, the self-taught and group learning.


Jimmy Riordan working at Micro Art Space during his residency:

MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_05 MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_06 MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_07MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_08 MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_04 MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_03MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_01 MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_02 MicroArtSpace_Jimmy_Riordan_wip_11

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